Liquor at doorstep!

Liquor at doorstep in mumbai

1. Gokul Bar and Restaurant
Where: Colaba
Open Till: 3 AM
Every South Bombay-ite or SoBo swears by Gokul for food and cheap booze!

2. Janata Bar and Restaurant
Where: Bandra
Open Till: 2:30 am
Ab daaru duur nahi!

3. The Pinky Wines
Where: Bandra
Open Till: 1:30 am
Another place in Bandra for late night booze binges!

4. Woodcon Bar and Restaurant
Where: 7 Bungalows
Open Till: 3 am
Order a platter of north Indian cuisines along with your drinks!

5. Vinu Night Drinks
Where: Juhu Versova Link Road
Open Till: 4 am
Like the name suggests, it’s a place for night time drinks and debauchery

6. Kinara
Where: Chandivali
Open Till: 3 am
Broke and want to down a few pints and gorge on good food? Well, Kinara’s your fix

7. Sip n Dine
Where: Powai
Open Till: 3 am
Ask the IIT-ians who swear by it!

8. Gopal Krishna Bar & Restaurant
Where: Dadar
Open till: 4:30 am
Thirst bajaye 4? Gopal Krishna hai na yaar!

9. Deepak Wines
Where: Bandra
Open till: 4 am
Deepak Wines should be on everyone’s speed dial!

10. Goregaonkar
Where: Khar Pali West
Open Until: 5 am
Give early morning chai a miss. Go for early morning sharaab!


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