Winter is here, lets Wruuuuuuumm !

Benefits of rum

It Fights Muscle Pain

Muscle pain, which is also known as intermittent claudication, can be alleviated through its consumption. But again, moderation is key.

Rum Can Help Keep Away Common Cold

It can be consumed when a person is suffering from common cold due to its anti-microbial properties. It also creates a warming and soothing effect on the overall body.

Oldest and the best-test

Rum is the first branded spirit to come into existence and the oldest dated rum bottle is Vieux Rhum Anglais found in 1830.

Rum to cure cold

Rum is believed to possess medicinal properties. When consumed in moderation, rum helps to relieve stress and stabilize blood pressure levels. More importantly, sickness at times, is a state of mind. And Rum gives an instant boost to energy levels.

Pirates love Rum

Jack Sparrow loves Rum and we love him. We have to admit that he wouldn’t have been as intriguing as he is without rum.

Exotic cocktails

Rum exudes magic when used as a base in cocktails. The most exotic Rum cocktails available are Pina Colada, Long Island Ice Tea, Daiquiri, Rum Punch, Mai Tai, Hurricane and the list goes on…

Various ways to have Old Monk

Lets Wruuuuuummmmmm !



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sachin says:

    Old monk doesn’t hve any season it’s all time rum.because rum main basse ram .


  2. sachin says:

    Gin main basse Janki.Rum Mai basse ram .Wisky Mai basse Vishnu . champion Mai basse Shyam .kis kis bottle ko tyag Karu har bottle Mai basse Bhagwan …


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