Unique Drinks To Try In Mumbai

Here are some of the drink you should definitely try out in mumbai


Candy Floss & Vodka shots, served in these cool test tubes and an ice bucket at Indigo.
Address- 4, Mandlik Road, Colaba, Mumbai


DOT SHOT- The perfect drink to end your HAPPY HIGH and wake up fresh.

It is a 100% herbal & natural drink and helps in liver protection by reducing toxicity caused by alcohol. It is an anti-ageing drink and an antioxidant that also prevents hangover effects arising from alcohol. Available at all the Noble Plus Chemists, Hypercity stores and in many leading bars and lounges in the city.


Bollywood Bhaang at Masala Bar. This strong bhaang concoction is made with thandai and mascarpone cheese in a vodka base and served in a skull shaped glass to depict the effects of bhaang.
Address- Level 1, Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Bandra West


The jägermeister, gin, rum, and tequila filled test tubes are emptied into the icy bowl and topped off with beer at The Bar Terminal.
Address-6/8, Rajabahadur Mansion, Hamam Street, Next to Bombay Stock Exchange Building, Fort, Mumbai

Try The Unique DRINKS !



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